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Leader in machined plastics and resin bonded fabrics Engineering plastics and composites
Tufnol in North America


Tufnol machined materials


North America is the world’s largest national economy and second largest manufacturer. Tufnol is privileged to be able to supply many of their leading industries with laminated plastics and resin based materials for a variety of engineering applications, with our materials often named as a specified element.


Tufnol and Boeing

The United States leads the world in aerospace manufacturing and Tufnol engineering plastics and composites are highly regarded within the industry.

Through our close association with a UK prime contractor, Tufnol machined components find their way on to countless Boeing aircraft. In prominent, safety critical applications, our components notch up thousands of flying hours annually with airlines all over the world benefiting from our materials development expertise which keeps us apace of the demands of the modern aerospace industry.


Marine engineering in the United States

We have a long history of involvement with the marine engineering sector in the USA 

Back in the 1950’s we were on the opposing side, by helping the UK mount its challenge for the Americas Cup. We are proud to have provided fittings for “Sceptre”, the Royal Yacht Squadron's challenger for the 17th Americas Cup in 1958.

Today however, we are pleased to work hand in hand with customers in the American marine sector by manufacturing high quality components with extremely low and predictable swell rates such as bearings for work boats, leisure craft, right up to large ocean going ships.



At Tufnol Composites, quality is our bond and an integral part of our culture. Our quality systems are routinely subjected to scrutiny by a number of independent inspection authorities and major international companies who rigorously audit our ISO 9001 and AS9100 accreditations.


Our North American customers

Our customers in the USA are confident in our experience and reliability, knowing that our export sales department can be relied upon to deal competently with all country-specific and full and proper export documentation to ensure that goods arrive promptly at their required destination.


Tufnol's global market

Since its early beginnings Tufnol has been exporting its versatile range of products around the world and today our business is truly international. Every day we are despatching consignments to customers from a wide range of industries in all corners of the globe.

North America is very much a focus of our international trade and we are always looking to find new, exciting applications and opportunities for our products. Please see our Contact Page for ways of getting in touch with us ………